James Gray "Jim" Walker

Ich suche ständig neue, interessante Auftragsarbeit. Meistens mache ich technische Arbeiten mit Handels-, Positionierungs- und Risikomanagementsystemen bei Großbanken. Mein Spezialgebiet ist ein System namens Front Arena. Bitte werfen Sie einen Blick auf mein Profil bei gulp.de. Alle Arbeit läuft über meine Einmann-Firma, Walker Informatics GmbH.

I am continually on the lookout for interesting contracting work. Mostly I perform technical work on trading-, positioning- and risk management systems for large banks. My speciality is a system named Front Arena. Please have a look at the resume of my work to date. There is now also an English version of my gulp.de-profile. All work is done under the ægis of my sole-proprietorship, Walker Informatics GmbH.

Contact information:

James Gray Walker
An den Krautgärten 13
D - 65760 Eschborn

Phone: +49 (6196) 20 28 761
Mobile: +49 (176) 45 50 14 01
E-Mail: walkerj@walkerj.de

The old junk that used to be here has been moved down a level to here. It includes:
  • GAWKDLL - GNU AWK as a DLL (v2.0)
  • ITSEDIPP - The "IT Solutions" EDI Pseudo Printer (v2.0)
  • ITSCTRL - The "IT Solutions" Control DLL (v2.0)
  • ITSPMDDE - "IT Solutions" Pegasus Mail Send Mail Extension (v2.2)
  • Vaporware: ITSXFML - "IT Solutions" Transform Mail
  • MBA Thesis for Imperial College 92-93

  • Lex injusta non obligat.
    Last Update: 2014-11-23